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Medical Nucleic Acid Extractor

Medical Nucleic Acid Extractor

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Product Description

The nucleic acid extractor is a high-tech product using advanced magnetic bead

separation technology. It has the advantages of high automation, fast extraction, stable

results and easy operation. All extraction steps could be completed in a 96 well plate,

totally getting rid of those steps like regular extraction, centrifugation process required by

purification and filtration. The system can quickly extract and purify 1-96 original

samples (including blood, tissue, cells, secretions, bacteria, plants, forensic materials and

amplification products, etc.) in a short period of time. The extracted high-quality nucleic

acids (DNA/RNA) can be used for downstream applications, such as quantitative PCR,

clinical molecular diagnostic, analysis of gene expression, gene analysis, researches on

forensic and infectious disease, etc. The purified nucleic acid can be directly applied to

the step of next enzyme digestion, identification, disease diagnosis, treatment, and the

like. With other professional magnetic bead kits, it can automate the purification of

proteins or peptide fragments and the separation and enrichment of specific bacteria, cells

and various tumor markers. The manufacturer's kit is fully equipped. Non-anticoagulant

(coagulated blood) can directly extract genomic DNA without any pretreatment. Animal

tissues can be directly extracted on the machine without prior grinding and digestion

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